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Women’s Self Defense Tactics

September 23, 2010
By Paul

Self Defense Tactics to Prevent You From Becoming a Victim

June 12, 2010
By Paul
Self Defense Tactics to Prevent You From Becoming a Victim

How do you avoid being a victim?

In today’s troubled times with economic woes, rise in drug use, and upsurge in violence and crime in general, the chance of being attacked or assaulted increase. More and more people are thinking about defending themselves. Non lethal self-defense product sales are up tremendously. Our favorite site Interest in personal self defense is on the rise. If you are one of these people interested in learning self defense consider this.

Some martial arts systems have lost knowledge of basic self defense tactics and techniques. Finding a school that teaches self defense tactics is hard since most schools train for show and sport. Most martial arts schools have gotten away from the rigorous traditional training methods and replaced it with easy physical exercise type martial arts. The techniques taught in these schools lack in power and strength. This is why so many martial artist choke when attacked on the street. Overcome this by learning combat self defense from an instructor teaching solid tactics and techniques, a form of street fighting martial art.

So, many people run around like zombies with no ambitions or direction. You can see it in their eyes. This is a display of weakness. Their head bent down looking at the ground impervious to the environment and people around them. Criminals prey on these types of people. It’s a known fact. They know what to look for. They look for weakness! Be always prepared. Bring pepper sprays, stun guns or any non-lethal self-defense products with you.

These people can change their outlook on life immediately preventing them from becoming victims. Tactics to avoid becoming a Victim:

1. Know and be aware of your environment
2. Keep the head and eyes up. If some scrupulous person looks at you, don’t just abruptly look away. Smoothly with the head up scan the room slowly keeping the eyes up. This appears as a non-threatening action but shows confidence.
3. Show confidence at all times. Stand up straight with shoulders pulled back in a comfortable position. Talk with authority when talking.
4. Know when to hold your ground and when to retreat.
5. Always bring self defense devices like stun guns or pepper sprays. They can be easily concealed from your attacker.
6. Don’t clinch your fists when confronted.
7. If verbal invectives come into play, raise your hands to about shoulder height with the fingers pointing up. This has a tendency to let the person know you are aware of the situation in a non-threatening way. If something does happen the hands are ready to react.

Lifestyle self defense tactics:

Stay away from bad areas. Every town or city has them. Avoid them as much as possible drive around them if possible.

Know the neighbors. A lot of time is spent in the neighborhood. Know the neighbors and their demeanor.

Lock car doors: Whether the car is parked or driving keep the doors locked. Don’t roll down the window for just anybody especially at a stop sign or stop light.

Lock house doors: The same is true with the home. Keep the house doors and windows locked when not around or preoccupied in another area of the house.

Public places are usually safe. It’s when walking from the public place to maybe the parking garage where problems arise. Stay in well-lit places.

Self defense techniques that involve striking another individual should only be used as the last resort. Just remember the entire body can become a weapon. The techniques available are hand strikes, elbow strikes, kicking techniques, and striking with the knee.

This is by no means a complete list of self defense tactics. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Do not develop a state of paranoia thinking about all this. These tactics are tools to help in the prevention of violence and crime.

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