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Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips for Trick-Or-Treating Kids and Adults

Halloween is an exciting time every year for kids (and even some adults) to play dress-up and have lots of fun. However, it can also …

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Dummy Cameras

Do Dummy Security Cameras Really Work?

At first glance, dummy security cameras might seem like a budget-friendly way to keep criminals from breaking into your home or workplace. But are they …

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Pepper Spray

How to Use Mace Brand Pepper Spray- All You Need to Know

Mace pepper spray is a popular product, but many people still have questions as to how to use it properly. Some are confused and want …

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Safety Tips

11 Tips to Improve Your Personal Safety and Stay Safe

Learning how to improve your personal safety is becoming more and more important in this scary world. As criminals come up with increasingly sophisticated ways …

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Hidden Cameras

How to Set up a Hidden Camera for Surveillance

Hidden cameras in everyday devices used to be something you only saw in spy movies. What is a hidden camera? A hidden camera (sometimes called …

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Survival Gear

How to Use a Paracord Bracelet for Survival – 9 Useful Ways

Is a paracord bracelet really useful as an emergency survival tool? Can it save your life or help you out of a sticky situation? It …

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